Yes I’m blessed

When i started counting my blessings,my whole life turned around..I do believe that god blessed me in life with a wonderful family,successful carrier ,loving loyal frnds etc..once you realise how valuable you are.and how much you have going for you,the smiles will return,the sun will break for you ,the music will play,and you will finnaly be able to move forward the life that god intended for you with grace,strength ,courage and confidence ..Do not make your heart dump just for temporary attachment should knw your worth and realise that your world is like a infinite glacier. .The best things is on the way..just wait for the right’ll definitely get the chance to announce your happiness to the world in upcoming future ..Just think of shining brigher and brigher..we are good people. .we knw good things..we do not run for the temporary fun..The good hearted person should always act mature and have a strength to things let go..we are living in world where people expect love ,comfort ,care ,desires but not ready to share it in return..we should understand the irony of life..There is a huge gap in temporary attachement and true love..we always try to move on ,from the things we shared together with our spcl one..we generally kicked all thier efforts and forget all beautiful memories just for the sake of other happiness..dis all is temporary attacement..According to is something whicn never be ignored or been is is is something spcl which cannot be defined in can only be done..

I trully thank to god to fulfill all my desires and giving all happiness in life.. I also thank to god for making me kind, humble and good hearted of my ideal whm i admire the most and is everything to me had never been to the temple to touch the feet of god and in return he gets all success in life whatever he intends to..just beacuse he never ever done wrong with anyone, kept mindset of giving,helping,generous ,kind hearted. .I m here just following his step and wanted to be like him..he was the shadow of god..